Property Valuation

If you are considering moving one of our Local Directors will visit you for free and with no obligation. We will discuss at least three things with you, more if you wish!

1) What we consider the market value of your home is today. Prior to our visit we will do research so we are prepared to speak honestly and constructively about this.

2) Costs and charges involved with moving home.

3) How we would market your home and get you the best possible price in a timescale to suit you.

We will happily provide advice on any improvements and suggestions we would advise making prior to marketing. Sometimes small things make a big difference and sometimes we simply suggest doing nothing. Let us come and see you and make sure you get the best advice possible before committing to anything.

We would also urge you not to judge any estate agent on costs alone. Do not trust your biggest financial asset to just anyone. A great estate agent will get you the best price, often thousands of pounds more than an average one. That's before we discuss marketing, service, knowledge, professionalism and sales progression. We believe we offer the very best value for money service around. We are competitive on fees, but this is not, unlike some of our competitors our major selling point. You also only pay us when we are successful, so if we don't deliver you owe us nothing!

Our intention is always to provide the best value for money that you can get.

Please contact us either by using the Valuation tab at the top of the screen, or the bottom of this screen clicking here or simply calling us.

Property Sales

Are you looking for a new home? A bigger home? A smaller home? A second home (or even third)? An investment home or a first home (and how exciting that is) we are here to help you from the start to the end.

We cover from Truro down to Lands End and all the beautiful bits in between. Our website is one of the most modern and detailed of any estate agent in the area. We can help you even if you are looking for a home in a specific village, right the way through to the whole of the West of Cornwall in a couple of clicks.

Our sales team, headed by the owner of the business, Andrew, is highly experienced, very friendly and are completely committed to helping you find your dream home. Register with us now and let us help you find that property. Please also regularly use our own website – we are very proud of it! We are also on Facebook where some properties appear faster than anywhere else. Find MAP estate agents on Facebook and give us a like, or follow us on Twitter @mapestateagents.

We will also send you regular updates of properties by email, so please leave us an email address and regularly check your inbox. It's also much easier if we can speak to you, so any phone numbers too really helps us to help you. We promise only to call to keep in touch and recommend properties. We won't hassle or bombard you with calls but we cannot offer a personal service without speaking to you, after all this is a people and very personal business. We will also call you and recommend properties for you to view when we get to know your needs. We simply want to understand what you are looking for and try and help find that home you are looking for.

At MAP we know that once you have agreed a sale or agreed to purchase then the stress levels can rise quickly. Did you know that nationally at least one in four sales will fall through after a sale is agreed? In some places it is as high as one in three! This often is as much to do with the estate agent as anything else. This is where our experience comes into its own.

Once a sale with MAP has happened we don't just rest and put our feet up. We will liaise with all parties involved, solicitors, specialist contractors, chains, estate agents, mortgage brokers and anyone else to ensure that things happen quickly. We will also explain what is happening to you in plain English so you understand what is happening and if needed help and guide you through this very difficult and complicated process. We will also try and explain what happens next and where possible influence parties involved to speed this process up. Many estate agents also don't understand this process, some purposely avoid it. At MAP we tackle this head on. Whilst we aren't miracle workers we will communicate with you effectively and honestly during this, often lengthy process.

Our experience is hugely valuable at this point. If you have ever sold a home you will know this. Let us take some of this stress and pressure away from you. It's what we do.

Property Lettings

Do you have a home you wish to rent? Contact MAP today and our letting specialist will visit you to discuss achieving the very best rent possible in the shortest time.

We offer a range of services to landlords, ranging from a finder’s fee for a one off tenant to a fully managed service. Our managed service comes complete with our guaranteed rent promise all included to every landlord.

We also are ahead of legislation and don’t charge tenants fees to any tenant who rents through our managed service.

Give us a call and we will be delighted to help you and explain more about what we do.

New Homes and Land

Are you a developer, own a plot or have some land or a strip of garden and don’t know what can be done?

Please speak to MAP, we have significant experience of dealing with all sorts of developments from a garden with no permission right through to multi million pound developments.

Most of us have dealt with national developers and sites so contact us about a project, however small and we would be delighted to offer our advice and thoughts, right through to helping you sell either off plan or once completed. Again our initial discussion is without any obligation or cost to you.


Of course, every estate agent does viewings (actually that isn’t true, a number of online only agents won’t offer this service, or will charge extra for it). It's so true that you know your home the best but that doesn't mean you are best to show it? After all why do companies employ advertising agencies to sell us their products when the company know more about its product / service than the advertising agency?

It's about knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it. This takes a lot of skill and practice, something we excel at. We are that advertising agency for your home!

At MAP we know that this is one of the most important parts of the selling process. Most estate agents take this for granted, often sending staff who haven’t even viewed the property and in many cases don’t know you, the owner, or have any knowledge of the home at all.

At MAP we have recognised this and are proud to be different. Our local directors, who you meet when we visit you to do the valuation, will be the same person on all* occasions who visits to conduct our viewings.

This means that we won’t have the ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I’ll find out’ answers for basic, simple questions from buyers which often means them leaving your home and getting answers later, if at all. The same person who values your house doing all the viewings? Unheard of in estate agency! No other agent offers this to you.

We also know how important feedback is and we text and email every buyer prior to a viewing reminding them of this so they are ready and able to provide us with detailed feedback for you. We also know that when viewers meet the owner the feedback is often 'Its lovely, we really like it, we will be in touch'. Most of the time this isn't true. The buyer cannot, understandably be honest enough to say 'I am not interested because.......'

By taking control of viewings and by making our viewers aware that we want feedback we will get more honest and constructive feedback for you.

If you are a buyer we want your viewings to be easy, simple and to answer as many of those questions you have – after all without you we don’t have any sales at all! We are designed to be as simple, easy and straightforward as we can make it.

You may think this is basic, just view a home with another estate agent and you will soon find it isn’t. We know how different we are.

* We do like a Saturday off and a holiday from time to time. In this unlikely event another Local Director will work with you for that appointment only.

No strings

We know that estate agents are often full of hot air, make lots of false promises and overvalue properties simply to get you to sign on the dotted line and commit to them. We then know they don't deliver and offer very little for the large fee they charge.

Who do you know who to trust and believe?

Did you know that virtually every estate agent will ask you for a period of time to commit to? Most won't even tell you about this when they visit you and reveal it when you are about to sign on the dotted line.

This means you are tied to them for a period of time. This is often between 16 and 30 weeks, or put another way 4 - 6+ months! During this time you are completely tied to that agent (so like a mobile phone contract you cannot get out of it) regardless of what happens. You are then stuck with the agent who gave you all that hot air and false promises.

After this time these agents will then want another 2 or 4 weeks notice before you can then change to another agent. So, if you choose the wrong agent you cannot do anything about it for 6 months or so. It's no wonder some estate agents have lots of boards around!

We think this is wrong. At MAP estate agents we are proud to be West Cornwall's first and only no strings estate agent. So, if we are full of hot air, all we ask for is two weeks written notice and you are free. No waiting, no gimmicks or fuss and that's the way we work with every client we have. By not tying you in to a long contract we are very motivated to keep you happy. That's how an estate agent should work. We are also very confident you will see that we are exactly what an estate agent should be. We also believe that loyalty is a two way thing, so if you are happy, we hope you stay with us for as long as it takes us to find you that buyer.

Let us come and meet you at your home, explain how we are different and can help you move home. We have lots of other reasons you should use MAP we promise (and that's not a false promise either!) Again, this is free and without any obligation to you whatsoever.

Call us today or click on any of the relevant links to make contact with us. We really look forward to helping you.

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